“Blue Cyclops” 1990

0030 Blue Cyclops

Pulp painting. 22″ x 30″.

Unknown collection. One of many hand made and pulp painted pieces done at Pyramid Atlantic Center for Paper, Print and The Book in Tacoma Park MD.   It is a collaboration with mast printer/master paper artist Helen Frederick.  For about a year and a half I was an artist in residence at Pyramid Atlantic and every Thursday I went up to Pyramid to do prints and paperwork assisted by Takako Nagai an MFA candidate from Catholic University of America.  This piece in one of my many images of Hitotsumekozo.  He is the “One Eyed Boy” usually standing and sweeping the courtyard of a Zen Temple. Hitotsu (one), me (eye) and kozo (boy).  With his one eye (and a hunchback) he was orphaned and the monks had compassion for him and took him in.  They gave him the job of taking care of the grounds.  One day the children from the village saw him and sneaked up on him.  They tapped him on his back and he swung about and stared at them with his one eye!  Startled they fled.  It seems like just a silly scary story but i think it is about compassion for someone who is different.  Somebody should tell this tale to Donald but I don’t think he would get it.

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