“Memories – Medley” 12-panel byobu 1995

0048 Memories Medley Byobu

Oil and gilding on byōbu (folding screen).  Collection of Bernice Steinbaum.

The wooden cores of this byōbu were rescued by Marty Amt from the dumpster behind the Freer Gallery.  They were the remains of a folding screen Twelve Months – Children at Play.  It is normal that when Asian screens age they are restored and remounted.  The cores were 15th century so I couldn’t pass them up. It is one of the 1st of my “medley” byōbu.  It is a visual medley recalling numerous of my favorites from the past.  Some of the images are from my 10 paintings done for Memories of Childhood  a collaborative exhibition at Steinbaum Krauss Gallery in Soho.  Artist’s writing accompanied each painting.  The three panels on the left were derived directly from my memories imagery.


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