“Pilgrimage” 1988

0045 Pilgrimage

Oil on 2-panel byōbu (folding screen). 38″ x 51″. Collection of the late Kirby Rodriguez.

This byōbu was done in Yamanashi Prefecture Japan during my visit in 1988. Fuji was very close by.  My benefactor purchased an old decaying screen from a junk shop and I restored it with new papers and hinges.  It is called “Pilgrimage” because that was my first and I hope not only trip to Japan.  I did a rather large installation in The Yamanashi Museum of Art in a 5000 sq. ft. space.  Much of the work was done during the two months that Lindsey and I spent in my mother country.

Our dear friend Jane Addams Allen wrote about this piece in my Washington Project for The Arts catalog  in 1990.

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