“Vortex” 1998


Oil and collage on canvas. 84″ x 96″.  Collection of Giorgio Furioso

I was listening to an interview with John Polkinghorn.  He was speaking about the places where creative events are most likely to appear.  To paraphrase he said that novelty occurs in situations where chaos and order are in close proximity.  He gave a black hole and the event horizon as an example.  He also spoke of DNA forming near the undersea vents near volcanoes.  I had always enjoyed using the form of a funnel.  I confess the influence of Du Champ’s “Large Glass”.  So I took a beautiful French world map and pasted it in vortex fashion within a dark universe.  Newspaper makes up the remaining space on the vortex.  I think that my most successful images are arrived at by walking a line close to the edge of chaos and order.

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