“Ritual” 1984

Mixed media on canvas, 80” x 80”. Collection of Kenneth Minton.

My mother was a CanDian and an Irish Catholic on her mom”s side.  So Like it or not I was destined to be an alter boy. As it happened, I studied the Latin in Buffalo but moved to Iowa mid semester.   As a result of this interruption I never finished my training.  With an atheist father I was never really convinced by the magic of the mass but it intrigued me in the sane way magic did.  In particular I was fascinated the ceremonial quality of the Latin and the movements at the alter.  Even at an early age I knew that transubstantiation could not occur if the alcohol content of the wine was not exact.   It would be like using a frog’s foot instead of a toad’s in a witch’s brew   So paintings like this one “ritual” derive from the residual love I still have with St.Thomas Aquinas and his metaphysics.  I was fascinated the way the alter boy moves the book back and forth as if in search of the the precise magical location that was the intrinsic place for the magic to occur. So – that’s what this is all about!.  I’m not a believer but I love the hocus pocus..











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