“Boar” 2018

Oil and gilding on canvas, 24″ x 31″. Collection, Bill Roseberry, McLean, VA.
There is this old story about wild Boar I like.  It tells much about the Japanese psyche.  It goes something like this – –
Lord Nabeshima was out hunting with his men.  It was hot and dry when they came to a clear cool stream.  The men dismounted and proceeded to quench their thirst.  Out of the bush came a ferocious boar who in a furry chased the brave samurai hither and thither as they scrambled about stirring up a cloud of dust.  On observing this embarrassing behavior Lord Nabeshima raised his sleeve to his face (allowing his samurai to remount). Then he wiped the dust from his eyes and looked at his men saying, “It sure is dusty isn’t it!”

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