“Sanctuary, After Giotto” 1993

Lithograph, 40” x 32” (worked & printed at RCIP).  Rutgers Center for Innovative Printmaking  is the place to go if you want to work in a non-traditional manner whereby you can make it up as you go.  My guru for this project was the Tamarind Masterprinter Eileen Foti.   I have some lithographic knowledge myself but Eileen  is truly one of the top masters of this form of printmaking.  I began by breaking down the idea in my mind and drawing athe plates for red, yellow, blue and black.  From those we could design a plate that could be printed with gilding size for gold leaf.   Gold leafing in multiple fashion was our first innovative hurdle.  Second was doing a newspaper  hand collage in exactly specified areas.   Eileen created an acetate pattern through which we could hand collage each print for the edition.  Rutgers printmaking students were organized and instructed on how to do the collage work   That done Eileen used the plate I had drawn to print the oil based size which would receive the imitation gold gilding material. Then using team effort the size was printed on the entire edition and the teams quickly gilded the print   Once that was done we were home free, and proceeded to overprint the collaged & gilded edition with yellow, red, blue and black.

it sounds easy but I believe about 6 of us dedicated a full week to the project


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