Wash.,DC, Kings Ct. Studio 1990

My friend Giorgio Furioso & I started renovating this studio in about 1987 and finished about 1989. Gary Honig was our business guy on the project.  The building was previously a lumber yard and a printing company.  Gary had to get about 10 huge presses removed from the building – each being the size of a cement truck. While he was doing that Giorgio and I proceeded to board up and clean up the building and grounds.  I did almost all of the metal studs dividing 5 studios and later ran the electric BX cable.  The steel stud walls were done Lindsey, me and a Gary plus few others for the upper walls that went up to 14′.  The drywall was shopped out .  I think we did all the painting and some of the plumbing.

My space was 1800 sq. ft. In this picture you are looking at about 800 sq. ft.  Hidden in the rear left  is a bathroom.  To the right is about 1000 sq. ft. While there I painted and prepared the lion’s share of my DC Exhibitions.

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